Hall of Fame

Purpose/Definition of the Hall of Fame- To honor those persons who have had a positive impact on promoting area high school football and may have contributed to the advancement of the Tuscarawas Football Officials Association.

I Membership Eligibility-

1) Both members and former members of the Tuscarawas Football Officials Association (formerly Eastern District Officials Association) (hereafter “Association”) are eligible.

2) Non-members (non-football officials) of the Association are eligible.

3)Inactive members or former members of the Association are eligible after one year of inactivity (inactivity is defined as not having at least an eight-game varsity schedule).

4) Active members of the Association are eligible for membership with 20 or more years of service.

5) Non-officials are eligible for membership if they are retired from the position that brought them the consideration.

II Personal Qualifications-

1) An Association officer, board member or instructor.

2) Significant years of service as an official or as an Association member.

3) Had a positive impact on promoting area high school football.

4) Made a contribution to the advancement of the Association.

III Method of Election-

1) Any member of the Association may submit a name for consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee.

2) All names for the consideration must be submitted to a committee member no later than the end of the third Association meeting of the year.

3) The committee shall examine each name submitted for the consideration based on the above criteria.

4) Thereafter, the committee shall submit to the membership of the Association at the annual meeting the recommended candidate or slate of candidates.

5) At the annual meeting and following any discussion, each member of the Association present shall vote either yes (in favor of election to the Hall of Fame) or no (not in favor of election to the Hall of Fame) on each candidate submitted by the committee.

6) A candidate must receive at least 2/3 affirmative votes of the members present to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

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Hall of Fame Members

NAME                                             YEAR INDUCTED                            YEARS                                                                                                                        OF SERVICE

Richard (Dick) Klar                         1971                                                  31

Earl (Monk) Grose                         1972                                                  Unknown

W.E. Laws                                      1973                                                 Unknown

Lorn McCartney                              1975                                                 Unknown

C.E. McElhaney                              1976                                                 Unknown

Bruce Luthy                                    1977                                                 Unknown

Jordan Besozzi **                           1978                                                 62

Cal Pfeiffer                                      1979                                                 Unknown

Frank (Whitey) Brechbiel                1981                                                 40

Chuck Lorenz                                 1985                                                 Unknown

Ron Whetstone                               1986                                                 26

Joe Maybaugh                                1988                                                 18

Bob Schumacher                            1988                                                 Unknown

Pop Warner                                    1989                                                 18

Leslie M. Williams                          1989                                                 29

Brenton Kirk*                                  1991                                                 Unknown

Mel McAfee*                                   1992                                                26

Keith Pretorius                               1996                                                 33[Teacher/Coach/AD]

Clyde (Pog) Ervin*                         2000                                                 37

Sam Fausto*                                  2000                                                 35

Joe Pangrazio**                             2000                                                 46

Charles (Woody) Ronald               2002                                                 13

Albert Amicone                              2003                                                 40

Pat Antonelli                                  2004                                                 22

Rocco Civiello                                2005                                                 40

Bruce Seabrook*                           2005                                                 35

Don Harrison                                 2005                                                 20

Larry Fisher                                   2011                                                 27

Frank Cugliari                                2015                                                33

Keith Lands                                   2016                                                 26

Fred Mamarella*                           2016                                                  37

Jim Riggs                                      2016                                                  28

** Denotes National Federation HOF/OHSAA HOF

*   Denotes OHSAA HOF